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At the March 19, 2016 HOA annual meeting, the following officers and directors were elected to serve for the upcoming 2016-17 term: President-Burk McWilliams; Vice President- Jim Lamphron; Treasurer- Buck Feltman; Secretary- Eddie Feltman. Board Members- Jeannie Kanady, John Garlington, Jamie Camp, Eric Wouters, and Brant Morrow. The proposed annual budget was approved; also approved was a proposed revision in the By-Laws regarding budget matters: Article VI, Sec. 8, paragraph (f) is now changed to read as follows: "manage the budget such that expenses do not exceed the total budget approved by the membership". Annual dues will continue at $250 and are delinquent as of 6-1-16. One lot owner expressed concern that unattended neighborhood dogs are becoming more of a problem throughout the subdivision. Although South Pointe does not have a dog policy, we do ask that you respect other owners' property and pets.
Annual Subdivision Update, March 19, 2016
We continue to maintain the park with regular mowings/bush hogging, but you may have noticed that the overall condition of the tennis and basketball courts show some signs of deterioration due to cracking and foundation issues. A complete repair of these two courts will require funds well beyond our current budget and is therefore being postponed until after County acceptance of our roads next year. Unfortunately, we have also had some vandalism in the park area- the tennis net and American flag were stolen, and a basketball backboard was broken. Thanks to Terry Jackson, the flag has been replaced; the net and backboard will be reinstalled after we set up camera surveillance/signage in the park area. We also continued the chip-seal resurfacing of portions of our road system this past summer. Several areas from this repair work have failed as loose gravel has developed on the surface-these spots will be reworked at no cost to us as they are covered by our contractor's warranty. Lot owner Richard Denzmore has agreed to offer his advice on future road work until the County assumes control. We also want to thank Charlie Hurst for volunteering his services again to mow and spray the r.o.w. Following the December heavy rains, we inspected the culverts in the subdivision and identified several areas where significant erosion has occurred. We will have our road contractor shore up these areas with rip rap after the Arley water folks bury their exposed water lines. Another area that involves the ditches at the intersection of South Pointe and West Pointe will require some minor contractor work to alleviate water back up. On the Budget we have depleted our Road Account (from 2011 assessment), but we are in reasonably good financial shape assuming no large, unforeseen expenses occur and that the anticipated County take over of our roads takes place late next year. We have been told by County officials that they will make a final inspection of our road next summer. Thanks to those owners affected by the mortar-type mail box issue who have removed their obstructions. Finally, we want to thank everyone who has served on the Board over the years in any capacity. Particularly noteworthy are contributions from previous Board Presidents Terry Jackson, Jack White, Roger Murphree and Charlie Hurst. While we are pleased to see two new additions to this year's Board, Eric Wouters and Brant Morrow, we will need to find other volunteers in the near future as several of us rotate off the Board. The community needs your help in this effort, and we hope you will consider serving.