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At the March 25, 2017 HOA annual meeting, the following officers and directors were elected to serve for the upcoming 2016-17 term: President-Burk McWilliams; Vice President- Eric Wouters; Treasurer- Buck Feltman; Secretary- Eddie Feltman. Board Members- Jeannie Kanady, John Garlington, Jami Camp, Ron Clement and Frank Smith. The proposed annual budget was approved. Dues will remain at $250.00 per year. Please send your preferred phone number and email address to Eddie Feltman to help expedite our contact with you:
Annual Subdivision Update, March 25, 2017
Notice to all owners: Please review the annual letter sent to all lot owners April, 2017. We ask that you pay particular notice to the comments regarding dog issues and renters behavior, if applicable. We also hope that you will consider serving on the Board as several long time serving members will be retiring after the 2017-18 term.